How are peas made into Protein Powder

Creating pea protein powder requires special processes to make it a high quality protein comparable to other protein powders in its concentration of most amino acids. It even surpasses other protein powders in its quantity of some amino acids.

First, the peas are ground and concentrated. The carbohydrates are then removed, leaving a nearly pure protein. Though fresh peas are comprised of only 6% protein, pea protein powder is concentrated to approximately 90% protein. This makes it a strong, high quality protein source. Peas are known to be low in the essential amino acid methionine which may be a concern for athletes.

However, it should be noted that in the form of protein powder, peas have a methionine content approximately equal to that of other protein powders, such as soy. Additionally, pea protein is higher in arginine than its counterparts and contains more glutamine than either whey or egg protein. Its branched chain amino acid content is higher than that of soy protein, being more closely aligned with those found in whey, casein and egg proteins.

All of these factors taken together make pea protein powder equal to, or better than, other protein powders in its amino acid profile.

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