Reflex Nutrition Pea Protein

available in 900g


Available in 3 flavours. Vanilla Ice Cream, Cocoa and Strawberry. Reflex Pea Protein provide the following benefits:

  • Easily digestible with a BV that resembles whey
  • Offers versatile use
  • Promotes muscle recovery and growth
  • Features beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes
  • Sweetened with natural, zero calorie stevia
  • Has a smooth taste and texture

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Pulsin Pea Protein Isolate

Pulsin Pea Protein
available in 1kg


Pulsin Pea Protein Isolate is a high quality hypoallergenic protein powder containing a balanced supply of amino acids, good digestive quality and a protein level of 85%. It is the perfect alternative for people wishing to avoid dairy and soya based proteins due to food allergy and intolerance, and is also gluten and GM free

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